A 3 liter bottle may exist, but I’ve never seen one on sale in the US. Have you tried Tito’s Handmade Vodka in a Vodka Tonic? Ketel One, as well as many other vodkas, has a distinct flavor. @Jack, I agree with your assessment of the different flavor nuances that arise due to a vodka’s geographic and grain differences. Ketel One is a 40% ABV vodka from the Netherlands. Ketel One's new vodka has fewer calories per serving than traditional vodka and 40 percent fewer calories than wine. With that said… once ice cubes were added and it was cold it was my second favorite. Discover Ketel One Vodka. I’m not a huge bitter fan honestly. Ketel One Vodka is named after the original copper pot still, "Distilleerketel #1." It tastes much better than Belvedere Citrus or Grey Goose Le Citron. Ketel One™ Vodka . Since they were old (the code on the bottom said 041206 which I’m guessing is 4 Dec 2006) I asked the manager “why so cheap?”. I know that it is pricy, but what will a few bucks for a shot the next time you are on vacation hurt you? Discover Ketel One Vodka. Alcohol Content : 15.80 grams. Distilled from 100% wheat, Ketel One is an ultra-smooth vodka meant for those who prefer no frills. It’s pretty good but slightly bitter at the end. Inspired by over 300 years of family distilling expertise, Ketel One vodka is a marriage of old world pot still craft and modern distilling techniques, resulting in a distinctively crisp, sophisticated, and truly exceptional vodka. If you get the chance to try it and Ketel One in a vodka tonic, let me know what you think. I highly suggest Chopin if you want a good potato vodka. For over 11 generations, since our family distillery was founded in 1691, we have been dedicated to crafting the finest spirits, allowing us to unlock the secret of creating a vodka of exceptional smoothness. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. It was probably the best Ketel One martini I’ve had, and one of the best martinis I’ve had, too. Discover Ketel One Vodka. I bought a small bottle of Ketel One just to try it. Love the site! I tried it recently at a bar, a straight big shot, enough to evaluate. You may feel a burn or detect a pepperish taste. This si a great site by the way. Garnish with a lime wedge or two. Still, it’s pretty good quality stuff overall. Ketel One simply on a pedistal of its own. The vodka is produced by Nolet Distillery and imported by Ketel One USA. It has a slight taste that is just “off”. I wish I knew why. Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose is fit for those who seek zesty, mouthwatering grapefruit and the elegance of refined rose petals. Probably the best vodka I’ve ever had and you don’t have a review here. Reply Published January 10, 2010 9:21 pm. These gems rank lower in several categories than their contemporaries. According the U.S.'s official distilled spirits categorizations, vodka has to be "without distinctive character, aroma, taste or color" and "bottled at not less than 40% alcohol by volume." Reply Published January 01, 2012 2:14 pm, I thought Ketel on was very bitter. Reply Published December 20, 2018 3:15 pm. Comparing it to a bartended Grey Goose martini ordered the night before, it was much smoother and had a better flavor. Ketel One Vodka Alcohol Content - 40% ABV . Go for fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice if you can. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Ketel One Vodka The Bob Collins. Ketel One is very smooth. Today, Ketel One debuts Botanical, a low-proof spirit that distilled in the same way gin is, but is actually a new kind of vodka. It was very smooth, mildly sweet, and had only a subtle bite. The Nolet Distillery also makes Ketel One Citroen, Ketel One Oranje, Ketel One Botanical (in the varietals Peach & Orang… I only wish that Ketel One was not so bloody expensive. Ketel One is an ultra-smooth vodka with no frills. While the average consumer may or may not care about the nuances of distilling, they are looking for lower-calorie and low-sugar beverage options. Excellent vodka so far. Ketel One Vodka; 3 oz. It’s a 30 dollar vodka with the combination of earthly subtlety and graceful presentation that demands a neat glass. I found that after shilling and on a few rocks, the taste was smooth with a hint of the bitter you wrote about. If you haven’t had Ketel One Vodka (chances are that you have), you ought to try it. Read about my impressions in the corresponding threads. I’ve been infusing Kettle One myself with lemons ever since. Open the bottle, and have a sniff. Reply Published January 13, 2014 3:15 pm, I kinda stumbled on kettle one and loved that I did. I was blown away by how good it was. shot of Ketel One Botanicals clocks in at 73 calories, which is 25 percent less than the brand’s standard line. This is the de facto standard for vodkas, although the minimum alcohol level for a vodka is actually 37.5% ABV. 50ml Ketel One Vodka 25ml fresh lemon juice 12.5ml sugar syrup 3 dashes Angostura bitters; Method. This vodka is not only properly distilled but it’s consestint with its a flavor all the way through. I tried Ketel One after trying Absolut, Absolut 100, Grey Goose, Stoli, and Smirnoff. The quality is considered to be amazing. As with all my reviews, I’m sipping an ice-cold shot with no additions. I’ve come back to this vodka a couple of times. I used to buy Ketel One maybe 15 years ago…when it was priced around $15-18 for 750 ml. When I think of vodka I think of Ketel One. I am normally a bourbon drinker so my tastes usually have run to the sweet. I found Belvedere (when it was $22-24) a much better martini mixer. I’ve compared a few other highly rated vodkas (but, not Ketel One) mixed with tonic water and lime, and it seems to be much smoother and tastier in that drink. Share. Ketel One, named after the original distilling ketel number one, is distilled in small batches using traditional pot stills, filtered through charcoal and rested until perfect. There’s a bit of burn going down, but not much. Alcohol Content : 11.06 grams. However, it is anything but ordinary. Share. Discover Production Distilled in a copper ketel for the smoothest possible finish I highly suggest making Ketel One one of your best vodkas in your personal bar collection. It’s slightly unpleasant to me, but I definitely didn’t need to chase it with anything. They both had kind of a weird taste to them. I generally drink vodka martinis straight up with olives, so I decided to share one made with Grey Goose and one made with Ketel One with my wife when we were out to dinner. There are the novelty size giant bottles, but I’ve heard those don’t actually contain vodka. Reply Published November 14, 2011 2:02 am. “Botanical Vodka” Ketel One shocked the vodka world in 2018 when it introduced its “botanical line” which was marketed as a diet vodka. Botanical is made like a gin, except that it doesn't use juniper berries, which are required for a gin classification. This is an example of a delicious smooth vodka that has only been slightly affected by the designer vodka movement of the late 1990’s early 2000’s. Discover Ketel One Citroen. It just doesn’t play nice with Mountain Dew. It is truly one of the cleanest … I tried to get a bottle to no avail. Good, but still not worth the price IMO, because there are much cheaper vodkas that are just as good or better. The Nolet family actually had a close connection to the Russian House of Romanov for decades. The family tradition has made me a bit nostalgic (even thought I didn’t want to type it out for you), but the attention paid to the vodka really pays off. It’s definitely better than Grey Goose, clean and smooth, but with a slightly unpleasant bitter aftertaste that I didn’t really like. Includes one 80 proof 750 mL bottle of Ketel One Citroen Flavored Vodka. Ketel One Vodka Drinks All Drinks More. Reply Published October 20, 2011 7:07 am. Ketel One Vodka Drinks All Drinks More. And while Ketel One Botanical comes in three expressions (Grapefruit & Rose, Peach & Orange Blossom, and Cucumber & Mint), executives are quick to explain that the new product is not a flavored vodka, either. It will be featured in select bars such as New York's Stanton Social, Chicago's The Godfrey and Kiki On the River in Miami. While it is clearly a good mixer, the bitters come through a little too much to call it a perfect mixer. Alcohol Content : 15.80 grams. Maybe it gradually adapted a bit to the ‘Russian taste’ like this. However, there’s a faintly unpleasant aftertaste that I can’t put my finger on, a bit pungent. I did the usual showdown versus Sobieski. If you eat a lot of processed food that also greatly effects your tastebuds. Reply Published November 08, 2009 8:20 pm. Wasn’t overly bitter or sweet or anything. They had a big bottle (like the 3 foot tall promo bottles) of Belvedere, I think, that was bad after sitting a long time. Ketel One: Alcohol Content and Flavor Ketel One has an alcohol content of 80 US Proof.
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